Health and wellness at work, a priority for you?


An employee who is able to enjoy his free time, who diversifies his activities and who is able to disconnect from work will perform better at his job.

Nowadays, companies are betting on a more caring and responsible management, a “responsible” one that takes better care of its employees. They are taking care of their employees.
Well-being at work becomes a crucial value for companies and it is particularly important for business travelers who are spending a lot of lonely time away from home. 8 out of 10 business travelers are doing so alone and 40% of them are suffering from this loneliness. This is why they are often taking advantage of their professional travels to enjoy some free time, in order to keep a good balance between their professional and personal lifes.  

Using Estay, the best app for business travelers, is the possibility to initiate meetings and optimise time during business travels. Through a meeting, an afterwork, a run, you can develop your company’s values.

This solution will bring attractiveness as well as a good working environment to your company. This is also a great way to easily create team cohesion and to develop a strong corporate culture.

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