What is Estay ?
Estay is an app dedicated to bleisure practice for business travelers. It is a professional social network designed for travelers’ wellness. We answer to the loneliness you are certainly experiencing while traveling, just as about 40% of business travelers.
Objectives / Goals : valuing your free time, answering to your bleisure desires, making new encounters or professional relationships, network, talk over a drink after your business meetings, doing some sport, going in town …


Estay, how does it work ?
Download the app for free on the Apple or Play Store.
Create your profile / account with your professional email, then your wish of the moment : going for a drink, doing some sport, going to town or movies …
During or before your stay, reach out for Estay and add your travel dates.
Access to the dashboard and check out the list of other Estayers staying in your hotel.
Do you have the same wish? Send them a message via our messenger system to organize your free time.
After your stay, do not hesitate to give your feedback about the hotel services.


Tout le monde peut me contacter via cette application ?
Our application does not rely on geolocation ; that is to say that you will be only visible by the other hotel’ customers who downloaded the app, in other words our community of Estayers .

What if I am a woman who does not want to be disturbed by men ?

Thanks to the confidentiality settings, you are free to choose whether or not you want to be visible by women only. Also, if you don’t reply to 3 messages in a row, the user will automatically be blocked.


What can be the “desires” of the moment to mention into the application ?
Getting to know your coworkers, have lunch / dinner at a restaurant, going for a drink, going for a run, going to the movies, visiting a museum, going to a football game, discovering a city, meeting people to create opportunities, …
The range of possibilities is large and will vary with the desires of other fellow users.
If another Estayer has the same wish as you do, then you just have to send a message with our messenger system to meet him in the bar / lobby of our hotel partner, for instance.


Is there a limited number of contacts per day ?
You can go and chat as much as you want. No restrictions are even considered !


Am I able to join my hotel ?
It is not possible at the moment, but if you want to contact your hotel, you will have to go to the reception. Nevertheless, our hotel partner is able to inform you of its events via push notification. Also, in the event you forgot something into your room, they can send you a message right away on the app.


With which smartphones is Estay compatible ?
Currently, Estay can be used on both IOS and Android, in english or french.

Is the app entirely free ?

As a business traveller, you won’t have to pay anything in order to use all of Estay’s functionalities.


Who should I contact if I have a problem or a question about the app ?
If you encounter any sort of problem, you just have to contact : help@estay.app, and our team will answer you as soon as possible.
If you have any enquiries about the app, do not hesitate to send us an email at : contact@estay.app.


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