Company’s culture, teams cohesion and motivation…


In the era of chatbots, Artificial Intelligence or Augmented Reality, companies have a growing interest into putting the human at the center of its preoccupations..

Today, business travelers are looking for more personalized experiences. So why wouldn’t you incorporate this into your company?

Do you want to bet on human capital in order to be more competitive?

Let’s valorise your employees together to develop your employment brand and attractiveness by integrating a bleisure solution into your company.

Offer to your coworkers alternatives to personalize their travels by helping them to meet people and spend some quality time after work thanks to Estay.


“The « emotional quotient » is slowly finding its place next to the « powerful » intellectual quotient.”


Millennials are ready to sacrifice their salaries for more balance…
Are you looking for a tool to answer their expectations ?

Estay allows you to offer an attractive working environment to your coworkers thanks to a safe tool and innovative solutions. They will then be able to meet and to share quality professional- or friendly time and you will be able to valorise the “working well together” motto in your company.


Developing a company’s culture, creating a balance between personal and professional life and promoting bleisure while business traveling will allow you to create new opportunities.This will also make you more competitive and to differentiate your company from competitors..


A caring management can create a real virtuous circle amongst your teams. Valorizing this well-being at work improves team cohesion and team spirit while creating a convivial working spirit. This is what improves health at work with a very positive impact on productivity and motivation. You will see…


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