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Reduce your ground transportation costs up to 30% off

Designed to share and optimize the interaction between business travelers, Estay opens automatic chats between employees who are simultaneously present in the same place.

Reinsurance at the heart of support for your business travelers

Participate in risk prevention by providing direct access to important information about your group to your employees

estay app

Strengthen the adoption of your travel policy

estay app

Reduce your overall carbon footprint

estay app

Improve the engagement of your teams with a well-being and secure solution

estay app

A simple SaaS solution

  • Configure and manage the data of your business travelers
  • Control easily your employee’s access
estay app

Easy to use

Your employees identify and meet on business trips and enjoy exclusive benefits.


Our deployment methodology will change the habits of your employees to turn them into regular users.

Custom reports

You will build a continuous improvement approach with our teams and feed your HR & CSR reports with accurate indicators.

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Using Estay is for your employees on the move the opportunity to choose their hotel based on which of their colleagues are present. They will be able to nitiate and take personal time during their business trips. Through a meeting, a run or a shared coffee, your compagny’ values are deployed.

Connections centered on places of encounter / hubs/hubs


Before leaving and arriving at hubs (train station / airport), travelers are informed of the employees who will be present at the same meeting point as them. He will thus be able to organize the mutualization of trips thanks to the chat.